In Baby’s Kingdom Nursery School we work to achieve a good integral development of the child considering their capabilities in all the evolutionary stages. Capability building is the result of what the child learns, and to learn and build knowledge, the child must play and participate in situations and activities that make sense to him.

Thus, the considered areas of the curriculum that marks the Educational Department of La Generalitat de Catalunya are taken in account: discovery of ourselves and the others, discovery of our environment, and communication and languages. However, it has been adapted from the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (Pre-nursery) curriculum the areas communication and language; personal, social & emotional development; and physical development.

We work these areas in a global and holistic way through the basics of our educational project: an active and experimental methodology, observation and manipulation, and free play.

As for the methodology,

we do not limit ourselves to a single pedagogical current, but we bet to work in a transversal way several pedagogical currents of authors such as Freinet, Montessori, Waldorf, Pickler, etc., and thus absorb the most characteristic and enriching features of each of them.