Linguistic immersion project 0-3 years

The best time to introduce a language is at an early age, so our linguistic project is based on a Progressive Immersion method into the English language. As children grow, their exposure to English language will increase. Children play and learn in english!

Psycho-pedagogical Service

We offer counselling and psycho-pedagogical guidance to families and children. Therefore, we want to offer individualized attention to those issues that could affect the development of children, and from a focused perspective, to find the most appropriate guidelines for each case through direct tracking.

Electronic information service

The digital daily agenda system Baby Control allows direct communication with the nursery school (observations, bottles, meals, naps, etc.). However, this service does not replace direct personal contact between parents and educators.

Pediatric telemedicine

The innovative KidsCare service allows us to be connected at all time for any query or medical care we need in the nursery school. A specialist attends our queries immediately and mark future guidelines.

Hygiene Pack

We provide all children with all the hygiene products they need during their stay in the nursery school (diapers, wet wipes, creams, bibs).

Own kitchen

We take all aspects of the food and nutrition of our children very seriously, and so, our menu is made by the diestist-nutritionist Dr. Anna Costa (RN. CAT000418). The food is top quality; we cater for any allergies or intolerance.

New facilities and large playground

The nursery school’s facilities are completely new and adapted to the needs of the children. Organized by corners and within reach of children.

We have a large playground divided into two main settings: a closer to nature with a sandbox and an orchard to work horticulture; and a more playful one with a slide, a playhouse and other accessories.


Water and aquatic activities have a significant impact on the child's development. In Baby’s Kingdom we offer a swimming course at the O2 Centre Wellness of parc del Migdia.

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